Webinar on Present Matters in Machine Studying: Negotiating International Knowledge Safety and IP Laws

On December 3, 2020, Hunton Andrews Kurth will host a webinar on the cutting edge of machine learning: Negotiating global privacy and IP regulations. Discuss key privacy and intellectual property considerations with our Hunton speakers Brittany Bacon, Tyler Maddry, and Anna Pateraki as you formulate and negotiate global machine learning (“ML”) agreements and new ML practices.

The use of ML models to process proprietary data is becoming more common. Many IT providers offer ML services with which valuable knowledge can be gained from the proprietary data and the know-how of their customers. For companies that have not yet built their own ML expertise in-house, these services can provide significant business benefits. However, there can be significant privacy and intellectual property risks, as well as important considerations that require special attention to begin with.

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