The Karnataka Supreme Court ordered the state government to set the mandatory size for closed and open areas for gatherings.

In a recent case before the Karnataka Supreme Court, a number of PILs were filed relating to issues that have arisen due to the implementation of lock and unlock processes to prevent the spread of CIVID-19. The court’s bank found at first sight that the argument put forward on behalf of some petitioners allowed gatherings of 200 people in closed spaces and 500 people in open areas, without specifying the minimum size of the areas where such were large , is meaningless Meetings can be held. It was considered that the gathering of 200 to 500 people in small areas could lead to the rapid spread of COVID-19.

The petitioners alleged that the state government disagreed with the guidelines due to pressure from various groups. The bank instructed the government to file notices relaxing the rules for movie theaters and gyms.

In light of this situation, the High Court ruled that the state government must act immediately to amend its latest COVID-19 policy, which allows 200 people to be gathered in closed spaces and 500 people in open areas by increasing the minimum size of the closed is prescribed and open areas.

The court also ordered the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagra Palike (BBMP) to conduct a surprise inspection of various facilities, including residential complexes, to ensure that guidelines such as the ban on the use of swimming pools and party halls are being observed.

As the government reissued the guidelines for the provision of beds in private hospitals for COVID-19 patients, as it did in June last year, the bank directed the government to enforce the court’s earlier instructions for transparency in the provision of information about ensure the availability of beds. Display rates for treatment of COVID-19 patients in private hospitals.

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