The Delhi courtroom granted Disha Ravi bail within the Toolkit case due to inadequate proof

The Delhi court granted bail to 22-year-old climate activist Disha Ravi, who was arrested in connection with the Toolkit case from her residence in Bengaluru.

The “Toolkit” case is said to be directly related to the farmers’ protest, which has grown excited after the incident on Republic Day.

The judge for additional sessions of the Patiala House Court granted bail on the grounds that the evidence available was insufficient and sparse. The bank believed that the evidence available was no reason not to withhold the defendant on bail.

The court also considered that Disha Ravi had no previous convictions.

The deposit was granted against the provision of two guarantees of 1 lakh rupees each. The attorney, who appeared for Ravi’s attorney, asked the court to reduce the amount, but the court refused.

The public prosecutor alleged that the alleged “toolkit” was created by Disha Ravi, which was later made publicly available by the international climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Prosecutors also alleged that the “toolkit” was formed in connection with the Khalistani inclinations. They also alleged that she was part of the Zoom meeting with members of an organization, the Poetic Justice Foundation, which allegedly had Khalistin connections.

Prosecutors said the “toolkit” was a measure used to slander India under the guise of peasant protest and it also contributed to the protest that took place in Delhi on Republic Day.

These claims were rejected by the opposition, stating that the “toolkit” was merely a document designed to mobilize social media protest against the peasant laws and promote peaceful protest within the limits of the Indian Constitution.

The allegations were quashed on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence and Disha Ravi was given bail.

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