Supreme Court docket: WhatsApp could also be a trillion greenback firm, however folks worth their privateness.

Two college students filed a motion with the Supreme Court in the most recent case to instruct WhatsApp not to lower privacy standards for Indian users and to apply the same privacy policies and terms that apply to Indian users in the European Region. In that motion, the petitioners alleged that the way in which WhatsApp’s new privacy policy was established, and the provisions of the new policy, lead to a serious violation of the fundamental right to privacy of Crores Indian citizens who use WhatsApp on a daily basis.

These students first filed the application with the Delhi High Court and challenged the 2016 privacy policy. The court granted a partial relief, which found that the data of WhatsApp users who delete WhatsApp before the 2016 Policy came into force cannot be used for the purposes set out in the 2016 Privacy Policy.

WhatsApp later updated its user policy on January 4, 2021, noting that this new affidavit was submitted by the petitioners to the Supreme Court on January 5, 2021. After hearing the request, the Supreme Court asked the central government for an answer. Facebook and WhatsApp are challenging data protection regulations.

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