Orange County has agreed to resolve discrimination proceedings filed by builders

The Chester Greens developer recently agreed to settle a discrimination lawsuit with Orange County.

The Chester Green Project developer recently agreed to a partial settlement of a federal discrimination lawsuit designed to end its allegations against Orange County, but not the allegations against the City of Chester. Back in July 2019, the developer filed a lawsuit against Orange County and the City of Chester, alleging that officials had “obstructed development plans to prevent an influx of Hasidic families in violation of the Constitutional and Fair Housing Act.” Eventually, Attorney General Letitia James joined the lawsuit in support of the developers.

Building cone; Image courtesy of MabelAmber via Pixabay,

During the lawsuit, city officials repeatedly denied the discrimination allegations, arguing that they “denied contractors building permits because their house size was larger than the city approved … They issued permits for a pair of attached houses – the first houses in the city – in September City The development is to begin – after the developers had deposited a loan of 11 million US dollars for the infrastructure. “

The settlement was approved earlier this week and district officials agreed to “postpone decisions on the quality and adequacy of the development wells to two government agencies.” In addition, officials promised to “accept wastewater from the project at the county-owned Harriman sewage treatment plant if Chester has enough allotment in the facility.” The settlement continues:

“The county recognizes that the development of the Greens is fully approved by the county in terms of any permits it can give.”

As part of the settlement agreement, Steve Neuhaus, the district manager, together with the district government did not admit any wrongdoing. You won’t pay any damages to the developers either. But what is in the agreement? For starters, the settlement, approved by Judge Philip Halpern on Monday, will require the county “to respond to the developer’s requests for a” potential bathing or swimming facility “within 30 days.” Additionally, the county officials promised, ” Reply within 20 days Correspondence from developers or their consultants and answering phone calls within two days “

The proposed settlement was signed last week by Jehuda Landau, the executive member of the Greens at Chester LLC, and Neuhaus signed the proposed settlement before it was brought to court last Friday.

Despite the recent agreement with the district, the lawsuit against the city officials is still pending. Livy Schwartz, one of the developers, said of the matter: “The city has now issued permits for a total of seven houses, six of which are under construction.”


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