One other wrinkle exhibits up in Arizona Sports activities Betting Journey

The way to Arizona Sports betting has taken another strange turn this week.

During one Senate Budget Committee Listen, SB 1797 was kept over this bill is a companion too HB 2772who is still alive and legalizing AZ sports betting under a broader new gambling deal with the state Native American Tribes.

The committee then began discussing a bill to make historic horse racing possible. Senate Act 1794 was then changed to essentially include the sports betting bill.

This adds some new wrinkles to the possible legalization of sports betting in Arizona.

A “poison pill” for sports betting in Arizona?

The historic horse racing law change would enable retail and online sports betting in Arizona.

Proponents of the horse racing bill suggest this is another way to unlock new sources of income. They suggest that it is a version of the Pari Mutuel race that was legal before you 2002 Gaming compact with the trunks.

Opponents say the practice is essentially slot machines and it violates the 2002 Tribal Gaming Agreement.

“Betting on historic races through the use of player terminals was banned in Arizona prior to May 1, 2002.” Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich wrote in 2018. “Any change to Arizona gambling laws prior to May 1, 2002 could result in any of the signatories of the Arizona Tribal-State Gaming Compact (the” Compact “)[1] Take action under Section 3 (h) (1) of the Covenant that would limit the state’s ability to regulate some aspects of tribal gaming and drastically reduce the revenue that tribes are required to provide to the state. “

Despite the inclusion of AZ sports betting, little was touched by the discussion of the bill.

A separate vote

The horse racing bill went through the committee, 5-4. What happens next is everyone’s guess and adds a layer of complexity to the Senate travel for sports betting.

Last week the sports betting bill went out of the Senate Trade Committee6-3. Though tribes spoke on behalf of the bill, the senators questioned how this could affect the Arizona gaming landscape and its actual potential impact on the state’s bottom line.

Part of the problem may be that little was known about the new tribal treaty that was recently negotiated between the tribes and Gov. Doug Ducey. Linking sports betting to the “poison pill” could be a way of slowing down sports betting or playing political games with the governor.

House sports betting bill still alive

The bill to legalize sports betting is still in force. It did not meet the same opposition and the same political pinball as the Senate companion. If there is a full vote in the House of Representatives and moves to the Senate, that could be the bill that wins.

Allow both bills 10 Licenses tied to professional sports organizations in the states and 10 tribes for retail and online betting.

If the Senate bill gets through cleanly, it appears to have similar support in the house.

Proponents of sports betting in the state estimate the state could generate $ 42 million in taxes annually from practice.

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