Ohio Casinos Are Against Sports Betting, Gaming Expansion Bill

It didn’t take long for the majority of casino owners to be in Ohio to defend oneself against the expanded gaming law of the Senate, which includes sports betting.

A press release from Get the correct Ohio game warns against it SB 176 would allow slot-like electronic bingo games in almost 900 Locations across the state. These new arcades would “offer unprecedented and unchecked access to games of chance Ohio Residents, including teenagers. “

This may sound altruistic, but the organization doesn’t necessarily pay attention to the public. The group includes support from JACK Entertainment, MGM resorts and Penn National.

JACK, MGM and Penn own seven of the 11 Casinos and Racinos in Ohio. Of course, the advanced slot machines are not good for their business. The group pushed back HB 65what demands electronic bingo Expansion also earlier this month.

The three operators are also likely frustrated that they haven’t been given OH sports betting licenses as expected.

Is Pushback Based on Ohio Sports Betting Proposal?

These three operators have not yet made any public comment on the sports betting part of SB 176. The bill was introduced on Wednesday with a few changes, but there were no public statements.

Even so, they probably cannot look forward to an expansion of the games that does not benefit them.

Senator Kirk SchuringThe two joint sponsors of the law and others involved in the process wanted an open-market approach. That means the 40 Sports betting licenses can be offered openly.

The casinos, professional sports teams, and leagues across Ohio wanted the licenses to be tied to existing gaming operations. But Schuring said he had no intention of “feeding” someone a license.

Would the Electronic Bingo Expansion Harm Ohio Casinos?

SB 176 would approve electronic bingo machines with veterans and fraternal organizations across the state. Bingo can be played by anyone 18th or older in Ohio, where the group gets their concerns about “teenagers.”

Electronic bingo machines look and feel like casino-style slot machines. This could create less incentive for a player to go to a casino.

And Reinhard mentioned the similarities between the machines in his submitted testimonial for JACK to the Elect the Gambling Committee::

“As you will see, there is nothing on the front of the case or the screen shows that there is a difference between these machines. While technology allows these machines to look a lot simpler at first, manufacturers and dealers will no doubt seek to evolve the machines over time. “

Within the sales figures

Look at the numbers to see why it is important for casinos to stop expanding.

Ohio four Casinos reported $ 452.6 million in slot revenue for calendar 2020. Its seven Racinos recorded $ 820.9 million in net sales for fiscal 2020, which ended in June.

Casinos and Racinos closed from middle of March to Mid-June last year because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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