Mobile NY Sports Betting Deal leaves architects as confused as anyone else

Do you really want to understand what’s going on with the cell phone? NEW Sports betting? One of the people at the center of the compromise says you have to wait.

Mobile sports betting in New York was officially incorporated into the state $ 200 billion budget Tuesday Eve. The bill has yet to work its way through the legislative process, but mobile betting in the Empire State is essentially decided.

The state will issue at least one call for proposals two platform providers, which one will have at least four skins in total. These two platform providers will at least share 50% of revenue with the state, but exactly what the structure looks like is confusing at best.

“We’re all in the same boat”

Sen. Joe Addabbo Jr.., one of the key voices in the mobile betting negotiation, agrees:

“Don’t feel bad, we’re all in the same boat. This is a new groundbreaking ceremony for New York, it’s uncharted territory and terminology that even I still want to grapple with. And like I said last night, the budget ends and my work begins. I am into the language and how the structure works and it is new. … Many of the answers will be determined in the future. “

Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s plan is more complex than the Addabbo and Legislation Rep. Gary Pretlow Proposed earlier this year and again in their proposals for the chamber budget. It comes as no surprise, however, when Pretlow announced a week ago that mobile betting on Cuomo’s model would be the worst case scenario this year.

Addabbo expects greatness for mobile sports betting in New York

While the details are still unclear, Addabbo expects a successful mobile sports betting market in New York.

“I will be confident that because we are New York we will have a top-notch product and there are people in the industry who definitely want to do business with New York and be part of New York’s mobile sports betting,” added Addabbo. “We certainly have the potential to overshadow New Jersey at some point and the idea is to realize that potential.”

The time mobile betting starts is a moving target. The RFP should begin at the latest July 1 With 30 days Accept applications. The New York State Gaming Commission then has 150 days to make a decision, although one could certainly happen sooner, said Addabbo.

Addabbo hopes to have a better idea of ​​what the mobile sports betting market is like in New York Super bowl::

“Whenever we start mobile sports betting, the Super Bowl should be the benchmark as this is a major sports betting event and we will rate it based on that. At this point I hope and expect that it will be a very successful product and we will have big numbers at the Super Bowl and we will move forward. “

Mobile NY sports betting is open to everyone – somehow

One thing that is clear is that bidding is open to everyone. Said Addabbo when I called Susquehanna that the initial requirement in Cuomo’s plan to only allow existing main partners of New York’s commercial casinos has been removed to increase flexibility.

That said, not everyone will have the right fit:

“However, there are the criteria we need to consider: the criteria for going to market, the expertise, the business these vendors may have done with other states, the ability to handle volume, the ability to work with New York. So I think these other criteria limit the scope of these potential bidders.

“I also don’t think I think New York is looking for a new operator to enter this mobile sports betting industry. I think this is the right perspective for New York, unique in the sense that it is catching up with other states. So you don’t want the newcomer, but the best provider so that, as I said, we hopefully have maximum potential on the first day. “

Model best for multi-brand operators?

Everyone who applies as a platform provider has to let their skin partners decide before submitting their offer. Whether or not this skin needs to run on the winning platform is still unclear, although it sounds likely.

“Well, they need to have an agreement with the provider,” said Addabbo. “The provider will take a skin or operator that he can work with. And I understand that some providers will come with their own skins. “

That sounds ideal for a flutter Bid that could choose his FanDuel Sports Betting and Fox Bet Makes as its skins. It’s a plus for too warehousewho has many partners on their brand, including Bar stool sports betting, which made it clear that it wants to be in New York, and BetRivers, which is already affiliated with a casino in the state.

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