Massachusetts sports betting has lots of bills but little action

There seems to be a lot of support to legalize Massachusetts Sports betting. How and when this happens, however, remains up in the air.

At least there is now 23 MA Sports betting bills submitted to both chambers of the state parliament. That’s because 14th in the February.

The good thing for sports weather in the Bay State There are several reasons to legalize betting this year:

  • Finding more revenue after that Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • Legislative support, including Governor Charlie Baker Who has their own bill.
  • Plenty of time., Since Massachusetts legislation doesn’t adjourn until later this year.
  • Pressure from border states to keep putting dollars in the state.

Sports betting in Massachusetts is short of the house budget

A recent development in sports betting in Massachusetts is the failure of inclusion in the proposed problem House Budget.

But that doesn’t mean the House is against it. House Speaker Ron Mariano said he thinks “there is potential to be done in the house,” said the Springfield Republican.

Mariano also mentioned MA Sports Betting in a speech on the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce last month give local DraftKings a special greeting:

“The greatest threat to our long-term financial health is that we rely too heavily on government support. While this federal funding can carry our budget for the next year or two, continued stability depends on finding new sources of income.

“That line of reasoning made Parliament’s most urgent in the last session to pass laws to legalize sports betting in Massachusetts that could bring the state more than $ 50 million in annual revenue. I continue to support sports betting, where licenses are created for personal and mobile games that enhance the existing casinos and racing facilities.

“Our legislation will also correct the unacceptable outcome of the current legal landscape, which prohibits a local company like DraftKings from selling its product within its own borders. DraftKings was created here, they stayed here and grew here. It’s time Massachusetts gave them a future here. “

Betting dollars flow out of the state

Fortunately for sports bettors in eastern Massachusetts and the Boston Area there are legal options.

Both sports betting in Rhode Island and DraftKings Sports Bettings New Hampshire’s mobile monopoly on sports betting enables remote registration. That means legal betting is within an hour’s drive to anyone in the Boston area.

The western part of the state has fewer options, but not for long.

Mobile sports betting in new York is finally becoming a reality Early 2022 with at least four Skins that work in the state. The hope is that at some point mobile betting will start NFL Season. Sen. Joe Addabbo said he hopes so Super bowl can serve as a benchmark to show how the industry has worked so far.

Sports betting in Connecticut for now also plans to start at the beginning of the NFL season at the beginning September. The Connecticut lottery is already completing his qualification request Friday.

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