Jack Nicklaus closes a trademark infringement lawsuit with the producer of golf coaching expertise

On February 20, 2020, golf legend Jack Nicklaus settled his trademark infringement lawsuit against PowerPro Sports LLC. As previously reported, Nicklaus Companies LLC, Nicklaus’ company vehicle, sued PowerPro, maker of Powerchute golf training technology, alleging the company illegally used its likeness and trademarks without permission to advertise their training product.

According to the lawsuit, Nicklaus entered into an agreement with PowerPro allowing the company to use videos and photos of themselves to promote their product. However, Nicklaus described the deal as a personal favor for Jim Sowerwine, the maker of the Powerchute and friend of Nicklaus’ son Gary. Nicklaus claimed PowerPro could only use the videos and photos while Sowerwine was in the business. Sowerwine’s financial interest in PowerPro ended sometime between 2011 and 2015; However, PowerPro continued to use the videos and photos after Sowerwine’s financial interest ended.

PowerPro reportedly agreed to stop the unauthorized use of Nicklaus’ images and trademarks and to pay Nicklaus $ 15,000 to cover litigation costs.

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