False loss of life lawsuit filed in opposition to Iowa Pig Farmer for the homicide of his spouse

The late Amy Lynn Mullis’ family is suing her husband Todd Mullis on an unlawful death lawsuit.

Amy Lynn Mullis’ family recently filed an unlawful death lawsuit against Todd Mullis, Amy’s ex-husband. Mr Mullis was convicted of her murder only last year. Upon filing the lawsuit, the family asked an Iowa, Delaware county court to “appoint Todd Mullis to adequately compensate Amy’s parents and children.” The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Amy’s estate, including her stepfather, mother, and three children, ages 9, 11, and 13, for an undisclosed amount.

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According to the lawsuit, Mr. Mullis “violated his duty of care of the plaintiffs by stabbing Amy Lynn Mullis in 2018”. In addition, the lawsuit stated that he was “negligent in murder”. It goes on to say:

“Therefore, plaintiffs respectfully request the court to render a judgment against Defendant Todd Michael Mullis in an amount to compensate them adequately for their harm and to award plaintiffs punitive and / or exemplary damages in an amount that sufficient to punish and deter the same or similar conduct of the defendant or others in the future, evaluate the cost of this matter to the defendant, the interest allowed by law, and any further relief the Court deems appropriate under the conditions. “

It was only last year that an Iowa jury found Todd Mullis guilty of first degree murder when his 39-year-old wife died. Then, that year, a judge officially sentenced him to life imprisonment. What happened? Well, according to the lawsuit, Mr. Mullis attacked his broad back on her farm on November 10, 2018 and stabbed her with a corn rake. Then he tried to pass her death off as a farm accident. It was “postulated that he staged the crime scene and manipulated the circumstances in such a way that one of his underage children discovered the body”. In the end, the defense admitted that “Amy Mullis’ death was murder, not an accident, but argued that the husband was not the culprit.”

In filing the lawsuit, the family looks for “funds that they would have reasonably accumulated through their own efforts if they had survived the duration of their natural life”. In addition, they are looking for means to cover “funeral costs, loss of income for the property, pain and suffering, loss of joie de vivre and emotional distress and fear”. The suit added:

“The behavior of [Todd Mullis] was willful and willful and completely disregarded the plaintiffs … as such, the plaintiffs are entitled to claim punitive damages and / or exemplary damages. “


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