Ask before SC to use the PM CARES fund to raise COVID basics

A motion has been filed before the Apex court for instructions on how to use the PM CARES fund to purchase COVID-19 staple foods such as vaccines, oxygen systems, generators and install them in over 700 district hospitals that are easy for the general public to use are accessible.

The plea was brought to expand the resources invested in the fight against COVID-19 and to ease public difficulties through better and faster treatment.

The petitioner has also requested an extension of the three-month exemption period for import duties on medical devices that contribute to oxygen production. The petitioner cited the reason for the logistics involved in importing and installing this equipment.

The plea contains the formulation of a “national plan” with the help of secretaries-general or ministries of state to combat the pandemic and its effects on the population. The plea also looked for instructions for MPs / MLAs to use their resources in a disciplined and transparent manner so that the community can benefit from them.

The petitioner has also asked for instructions to the high courts to direct the administrative authorities to ensure compliance with requirements such as lockdown and Section 144 in the relevant states.

Overall, the plea has sought basic instructions for the respective authorities and institutions to ensure legal conformities promoting the fight against the second wave of COVID-19 are maintained.

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