AAP chief Sanjay Singh granted SC safety from arrest for making “hate speech”.

The Supreme Court granted Aam Aadmi MP Sanjay Singh protection from arrest in all FIRs filed against him for making “hate speech” at his press conference in Lucknow, UP.

The court also issued a notice asking whether or not all FIRs filed against AAP MP could be clubbed.

However, the bank recommended an alternative means for the UP government to contact the chairman of Rajya Sabha for imposing sanctions under Section 196 of the CrPC as Sanjay Singh is a member of Rajya Sabha.

Sanjay Singh made certain statements at his press conference on August 12, 2020, in which he claimed that the actions of the UP state government favored a certain caste.

As a result, FIRs in different districts of UP have been filed against him under Sections 153-A, 153-B, 501, 505 (1) and 505 (2) of the IPC.

Following the investigation, an indictment was filed and the state government imposed a criminal prosecution penalty under Section 196 of the CrPC. The summons was challenged in the Allahabad High Court.

The petitioner submitted an SLP dismissing the lawsuit against the Allahabad HC’s order.

Sanjay Singh then filed a written petition requesting the revocation of the FIRs filed against him, as they had been filed with malicious intent and followed verbatim instructions in several districts.

He also argued that the press conference was a medium through which a person could exercise the right provided for in Article 19 (1) (a) and that this had been unlawfully restricted by the state machinery of UP.

The Apex Court held the next hearing in March as this matter needs to be resolved quickly.

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