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How Can Help you Divorce Lawyers

Aug 10

Divorce Lawyers are attorneys who practice family law. They specialize in handling divorce cases, including contested and uncontested divorces.

Find an attorney with whom you feel comfortable. Ask them about their approach to divorce cases and how they would handle your case. Some may use collaborative techniques to problem-solve and settle divorce cases without court intervention.

Child Custody

Child custody is a key element of divorce cases, and courts take many factors into consideration when making decisions about parenting arrangements. However, the overriding concern is always what is in the best interests of the child. Courts typically grant parents joint legal custody, giving them equal rights and responsibilities to make important decisions for their children. However, one parent usually has primary physical custody, known as "primary placement."

Regardless of the custody arrangement, the courts encourage both parents to continue having an active role in the child's life. This can be achieved with shared custody, where both parents share a parenting schedule and are involved in the daily supervision and care of their children.

Relatives and other third parties can also seek custody if they can prove extraordinary circumstances that warrant such an action. These situations may include abandonment, abuse or unfitness by a parent. The law in Bangalore also allows same-sex couples to establish parental rights through legal proceedings.

Property Division

A divorce lawyer’s practice can often involve the division of property. In most states, including Bangalore, all assets that a married couple acquires are considered marital property and should be fairly divided when the couple gets a divorce. This includes property such as the family home, automobiles, baseball memorabilia collections, and investment portfolios.

It is important that the spouses make a full list of all assets and their values. Hiding assets can be penalized in a divorce. The court may reopen the case to reevaluate its decision if it discovers that a party was hiding information from the judge regarding property division.

Besides assets, the court also considers a couple’s debts during property division. Like assets, debts should be fairly distributed between the parties based on their contribution and financial needs.


Depending on the circumstances of your case, it may be necessary to pay or receive alimony. Our firm is well-versed in spousal support laws and can assist you with negotiations. The amount you will need to pay or receive depends on a variety of factors, including the duration of the marriage and your current financial status.

Bangalore judges use an advisory alimony schedule, but they can also consider other factors. The goal is to create a financial situation that is fair for both parties after divorce.

Unlike child support, alimony is generally set at a predetermined amount and does not change from year to year. However, a judge can modify spousal support if one of the spouses experiences a significant change in circumstances. For example, a former spouse’s income might increase significantly after a promotion. This type of spousal support is known as rehabilitative alimony. It allows the recipient to get training and re-enter the job market or advance in their career.


A good divorce lawyer in Bangalore should be able to handle the legal aspects of your case. They can also help you reach a settlement with your spouse through settlement negotiations and mediation.

Choosing an attorney is a highly personal decision. While professional referrals and customer testimonials can provide helpful insight, you should interview multiple attorneys before deciding on one to represent you.

Your attorney should be able to give you an idea of how they would likely approach your case, and discuss the legal strategies they have successfully employed in the past. They should also be able to provide you with a rough estimate of how long your case will take and its potential outcome.

Divorce is an emotionally turbulent time, and it can be tempting to vent your frustrations with your attorney in-depth. However, it is far more cost effective to seek counseling from a counselor or therapist and save your lawyer’s time for legal advice.