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Advantages of Disability Employment Services

May 18

When it comes to finding employment and expanding your job opportunities, it can be a tricky thing for people with disabilities. Disability Employment Services (DESs) were established to provide people with a disability with the assistance and support they need to develop their employment potential.

What are Disability Employment Services?

Disability Employment Services (DESs) are government-funded and provide services that offer assistance to people with disabilities and/or impairments. They provide a range of support to help people with disabilities secure employment and become self-sufficient. Their aim is to create an equitable environment for everyone looking for work, regardless of their medical situation or impairment.


Advantages of Disability Employment Services

One of the great benefits of having DESs is that it helps those with disabilities to find work. It does this in various ways.

Types of Disability Employment Services

There are several types of Disability Employment Services available to help people with disabilities find meaningful employment. These include:

1. Increased Employment Opportunities – DESs provide access to increased job opportunities, with more choice and greater chances of success. Through job search, résumé and interview coaching, DESs can assist in making the process smoother and potentially finding the right job for you.

2. Improved Job Skills – Many DESs provide training and development courses to improve employability skills. This could involve learning new computer or software skills, or developing communication, problem solving and management skills.

3. Ongoing Support – DESs provide ongoing support, even after securing employment, to ensure that you’re well equipped to handle any problems or difficulties that might arise at work.

4. Financial Independence – DESs can provide financial support and advice to people with disabilities who have difficulty managing their finances. This could include budgeting, debt management and money management.

5. Increased Self-Esteem and Confidence – Being employed can increase self-esteem, confidence and independence. Through their guidance and support, DESs can help you to recognise your own potential and gain the ongoing confidence to continue employment.


Who is Eligible for Disability Employment Services?

To be eligible for DESs, the person must:

* Be aged over 15 years
* Have a physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability
* Meet certain work participation requirements

How to Access Disability Employment Services

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can register with DES by completing an online application form or visiting your local DES provider. Depending on your location, you may also be able to access additional local support and services through community organisations such as Good Sammy or government services such as the Department of Social Services (DSS) Disability Employment Services.


Overall, Disability Employment Services are a great way to access increasing numbers of job opportunities, enhanced skills and competencies, and improved self-confidence and financial autonomy. DES is committed to helping people with disabilities to succeed in the workforce and ultimately lead independent and fulfilling lives.