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Top 10 Accounts with the Most Followers on Instagram

Jan 27

Instagram has countless accounts, but there are some that have millions of followers. In fact, the social network has a podium of 10 profiles that stand out from all the accounts. Many of these profiles are of famous people or artists. Next, we will know what they are.

1O accounts with more followers on Instagram

1. Instagram: Most Popular Profile

The first place in this top is occupied by the Instagram account that currently has 469 million followers. And this figure is always increasing. In addition, content from social network influencers is shared on the profile. Since, it seeks to increase the reach of these accounts on the platform.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo: The king of Instagram

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is the first person to gain 400 million followers on Instagram. Because his fans don't want to miss any news about the footballer's life, he gets more followers every year. At the beginning of last year his profile had 237 million followers.

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3. Kylie Jenner: One of the most followed female accounts on Instagram

Kylie Jenner is definitely the woman with the most followers on Instagram. The reason is that the businesswoman and model has managed to accumulate great fame thanks to her family's reality show and her cosmetics brand. Great achievement of her, at her short 24 years, she has 309 million followers on her Instagram account.

4. Lionel Messi: One of the favorite profiles on Instagram

Another of the most famous soccer players, occupies the podium of the most followed accounts on Instagram. This time, it's about Lionel Messi, the Argentine crack who many consider one of the best players in the history of football. Currently, he has 306 million followers on his profile.


5. Dwayne Johnson: The Rock has a huge following on Instagram

The Rock or La Roca in Spanish, is one of the most popular characters on Instagram. The former wrestler and current actor has 295 million followers on Instagram. Indeed, in most of his posts he is shown training. So, his followers can see how his muscles work on this social network.

6. Selena Gomez: One of the singers with the most followers

The American singer and actress currently has 295 million followers on the social network. Although, in 2016, Selena Gómez was the profile that ranked first. Actually, the artist is not very active. However, recently she is very active on this platform.

7. Ariana Grande: She has many followers on Instagram

The singer Ariana Grande, interpreter of "Thank u next" has a great presence on this social network. Therefore, she has 294 million followers on Instagram. Many of them are fans of her music and always watch the previews of her songs. Also, she shares her day to day.

8. Kim Kardashian: One of the celebrities with the greatest presence on Instagram

Kim Kardashian is a very popular influencer. As a result, she ranks eighth in this top. Since, she has 284 million followers on the platform. She posts her collaborations with brands and details of her daily life. In short, her followers love to see her posts.

9. Beyoncé: Large number of followers on Instagram

The singer Beyoncé is one of the accounts with the most followers on Instagram. Above all, she has 284 million followers on the platform. Without a doubt, the artist knows how to attract the attention of her followers who always give her hearts in her posts.

10. Justin Bieber: his popularity on Instagram

The last position is occupied by the Canadian singer, Justin Bieber. He has been improving his reach on Instagram. Now, he has 219 million followers who enjoy all his posts. Although, he is not very constant in his posts either.