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Are You Looking To Add A Bit Of Glamour To Your Hairstyles? I

May 23

Want to add some glamour to your hairstyles with a hint of pinup girl style? Just a few simple braids will give you a look that is flirty yet fun. This tutorial will show you how pinup girls braid their hair.

We'll guide you through how to create three different types: the French braid or the waterfall braid. Grab your favorite hairspray.

What Does a Pinup Girl Look Like?

A pinup woman is a woman with attractive features that makes her popular on posters and photos. Pinup girls often appear as glamour models, actresses and singers. The first time the term "pinup" was used was in 1940. It became very popular in the 1950s.

How to braid hair like a Pinup Girl

You can braid your hair like an aspiring pinup girl by following these steps. First, clean your hair and get rid of all tangles. A strong-hold spray will keep your braids secure throughout the day. Last but not least, you should experiment with different types braids. There are no strict rules for pinup hair.

Getting Started

Split your hair into three equal sections. Start by taking the outermost part of your hair and crossing it across the middle. Next, take the innermost part and cross it across the middle section. Continue this process until your hair reaches the end. Then secure your braid with a clear elastic. If you want a vintage-inspired look, add a scarf or bow at the end of your braid.

Types In Braid

There are endless options when it is time to braid your hairpinup. Our favorite braids are:

The Classic Braid. This is one of the most basic and timeless pinup hairstyles. You can achieve this look by braiding your hair in the same way as normal, and then attach an elastic band.

The Fishtail Braid. This braid appears more complicated that it really is. Begin by taking small sections off your head and putting them in a cross-over at the middle. Keep going until you reach to the end of your hair. Secure with an elastic.

The Dutch Braid. This braid is similar in style to the fishtail. But instead of weaving the hair through the middle, you weave it under. This creates a tight braid, perfect for pinups.

The waterfall braid. To achieve this look, you will need to start with a simple braid. You can let one part of your hair fall from the braid once you reach the end. (This will be the waterfall). Continue braiding your hair. Secure the elastic band with a rubber band.

Which Type of Braid Are You Looking For?

You're now able to braid your hair like a pinup girls. It's time to choose the best braid for you. The French braid is the best choice for a classic and elegant look. You might also like the waterfall braid and fishtail braid. You will look fantastic, regardless of which style you choose.


We'd like you to conclude that you can get any look you want if your hair is well-maintained and you have the proper products. To learn how to style your hair as a pinup girl, visit our website. We are grateful for your interest!

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