2021 SEO Guide for Startups

SEO isn’t an easy thing for every business, but if you’re a startup on a budget you need to make an impact quickly. And there is no better tool than using an SEO strategy. If you take the right steps, you might get great results. However, it is very important to have relevant information about it as SEO is always changing. And the efforts that were vital in 2020 should be changed in 2021.

It doesn’t matter to Google what kind of business you are in. Your main job is to focus on high quality content that should be link worthy, optimized, and valuable. Great UX, high-ranking content, and engagement keep users on your website and improve your search engine rankings.

So consider our best practices and transform your startup into a successful and profitable company.

Set your goals

Defining clear and key long-term goals will help you win with your SEO campaign because your actions and efforts are on the right track. Your goals depend on the nature of your business and many other factors. They can be very different, for example:

  • Your brand awareness increases
  • Increasing traffic on the business site
  • Increase Sales for Ecommerce Startups, etc.

And if your goals are measurable, they will be very effective for your campaign in general.

Find the right keywords

Your business definitely depends on people’s desires. Because of this, your target audience is the main factor to consider when doing keyword research. Do some analysis and check out what your main competitors are using. Your own simple or long-tail keywords can increase your brand awareness. You need to relate to your product and your target audience. So, by measuring certain keywords on a monthly basis, you can see how effective they are.

Implement optimization

On-page optimization means that you assign your topic and your texts to specific keywords. This phase is very important as it helps you advance the readability and user experience of your page and website in general. The optimization also helps with the appropriate indexing of your website by Google or other search engines. First of all, you should focus on optimizing these elements:

  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Page index
  • Page load speed
  • Headings / sub-headings
  • Crawl errors
  • Content characteristics
  • Url structure

And yet we can add a lot of times etc as this list should be a lot bigger based on your company’s specs.

Identify the action required

Once you have goals, you should know how to measure them. So create a system of metrics and base your campaign on it. Review how effective your keywords, tags, how often you run guest posting campaigns, and how successful they are (for more information on guest posting strategies and how to use them, click here). Use the best free or paid analytics tools like Google Analytics and Search Console or many other supporting services. Yes, maybe all of these dashboards and reports were not in your dreams, but they are very helpful in improving your SEO results.

Assess your SEO progress

Another thing that will reveal the strengths or weaknesses of your SEO campaign is its rating. It’s mostly long term so you need to understand the moment when you should stop and change some approaches.

Google your brand name and check out the reviews, ranking, social media pages, etc. A “Search Related” section will help you find out what users are interested in when searching for your brand. Assess your most important metrics and review your traffic. It has to do with your ranking. So evaluate both and decide for yourself if you need to buy organic backlinks or if it is enough for your business.

Of course, you shouldn’t be doing all of the things. And depending on your business, you may need to take a lot more actions to improve your SEO rankings. However, if you’re a startup on a budget, the easiest way to keep your finger on the pulse and stay up to date with new SEO trends, news, and updates.

Implementing an SEO strategy is not an easy task, especially if you are new to it. But it should be a focus for new businesses in 2021. And you will achieve inspiring results without gigantic costs. Don’t be afraid to invest your time and money in making good payouts and building your brand successfully.

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