Who will be launching SRK’s daughter Suhana Khan in Bollywood?

It’s not official up til now. however in the event that sources are to be trusted the news that SRK’s girl Suhana khan will influence her huge screen to presentation would before long be out. while the undeniable decision for propelling Suhana is family-companion Karan Johar it appears rukh has different thoughts.

A companion of the hotshot uncovers his child Aryan isn’t yet disposed towards acting. yet, little girl, Suhana is unquestionably keen on an acting vocation. however, Shah Rukh needed her to experience the crush. she has been doing theater routinely.

Recently both shah rukh and his significant other Gauri feel Suhana is prepared for a movie profession. the inquiry is who will dispatch her says the companion Karan Johar is excessively evident a name making it impossible to do the needful. I think SRK and Gauri are taking a gander at some different names. to the extent I know relatively every significant movie producer in Mumbai from Sanjay Leela Bhansali to Sujoy Ghosh has demonstrated an enthusiasm for propelling Suhana.

She is a characteristic conceived performing artist. shabana Azmi saw her in a play and instantly perceived an expert performing artist in the debutante. while it isn’t yet clear who will dispatch Suhana khan it is more than sure that she wont be seen without precedent for a traditional romantic tale.

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